Travelmarket Report – Puerto Escondido MX Comes Into Its Own


The Place to Visit Next Year

In the Land Vacations section of her October 3, 2018 Travelmarket article, writer Cheryl Rosen highlighted Vivo Resorts. She states that Puerto Escondido Mexico, where Vivo is located, is “coming into its own.”

Puerto Escondido, which is on the Pacific Coast just an hour from Huatulco in the state of Oaxaca, is an authentic fishing village of 45,000. This area is also a world-class surfing destination. There are six local beaches that provide exceptional surfing options for avid surfers of all skill levels.

Oaxaca on the Emerald Coast

Oaxaca is located on the Emerald Coast and is one of Mexico’s safest states. It was also the only state to make National Geographic’s Best Trips 2018 list and was voted “the place to visit next yearin Mexico.

Vivo Resorts Oaxacan Beachfront Living

Vivo Resorts is located on Palmarito Beach just 10 minutes from Puerto Escondido. According to Rosen’s Travelmarket article, Vivo “…is a mix of rentals, condos, and villa homes, with an emphasis on health and relaxation.” This 75-acre gated community is a place that many Canadians have discovered and enjoyed over the past six years. Vivo has only recenly attracted the attention of vacationing Americans.

The gated community of Vivo Resorts encourages its residents and guests to be “…mindful towards the natural world, while connecting with the local community.” Vivo even supports the Palmarito Sea Turtle Camp, a foundation that to date has helped to save over 300,000 endangered baby sea turtles.

Even though Vivo Resorts is a luxury beachfront real estate development, it also manages an Airbnb style condo rental program for its residents. Anyone can book a vacation at Vivo through the Vivo Vacations website.

Why Puerto Escondido?

Canadian developer Carey Mullen is a former Olympian and downhill skiing World Cup Champion. Mullen chose to develop Vivo Resorts in Puerto Escondido because this area has everything he was looking for.

Puerto Escondido boasts exceptional warm weather throughout the year (low 80s). There’s also 12 miles of pristine beachfront and warm Pacific Coast waters…warmer than the Caribbean or Hawaii! The town of Puerto Escondido is also easily accessible from North America. You can take an international flight directly to Huatulco (just an hour away) or fly into Puerto Escondido airport via Mexico City.

According to Rosen’s Travelmarket article, the literal meaning of Puerto Escondido is “Hidden Port.” Vivo is “the” place for the perfect vacation escape. From tai chi classes or horseback riding on the beach to outdoor spa treatments, sea turtle rescue, reef diving, or enjoying the evening glow of the nearby phosphorescent lagoon; there’s plenty to enjoy and experience in Puerto Escondido, Mexico!

In her Travelmarket article, Rosen wrote that surfer Alex Krotkov visited Puerto Escondido from Kiev a number of years ago and never left. When interviewed by Rosen, Val Boyce from Toronto said, “The water here is 85 degrees all year-round, and we love the authenticity of Puerto Escondido, the beach, the conveniences.”  

The Future of Vivo Resorts

Although the Vivo Resorts complex is only about 25% completed, at full build-out Vivo will include over 600 luxurious Mexico beachfront condos plus 114 private villa homes.

You can read the original Travelmarket article entitled “On Location: Puerto Escondido, Mexico, Comes Into Its Own” in the PDF file located here.

To learn more about Puerto Escondido MX or about what makes Vivo Resorts so unique, please send Vivo an email or call 1-888-236-2876 (toll free from the USA or Canada).


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