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Vivo Foundation – A Non-Profit Organization

In an article for Visita Puerto, writer Susan Lundy highlighted Vivo Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation set up by real estate developer Carey Mullen and supported by staff and condo owners at Vivo Resorts in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

A huge part of Mullen’s vision was to embrace the idea of being a good neighbour.

To me, a good neighbour will help, nurture, care for, and celebrate with the people and natural environment around them,” says Mullen, adding, Community development and working to support wildlife and this area’s natural spaces…this is the essence of why I chose to establish the Vivo Foundation.”

The Foundation at Vivo Resorts supports a number of local worthwhile initiatives including:

  • Local orphanage
  • Local kid’s sports programs
  • Baby sea turtle rescue & release
  • Organizing Voluntourism Activities
  • Emergency community support
  • Complimentary Spanish lessons

According to Mullen, there is no such thing as a tiny act and every decision by the Vivo Foundation helps to trigger more attention and more charitable opportunities.

Orphanage Donations

One of the things the Foundation did to support the local orphanage (which is home to 18 orphans) was buy them a dining room table and chairs so the orphans could eat together. The Foundation also donates books and toys and organizes events, including movie night, with movie tickets donated by Vivo Resorts’ residents.

In the past, Vivo owners and guests have not only donated funds but they’ve also donated their time, such as volunteering to build the orphans a tree-house. Even Santa got to help spread some joy during the Vivo Foundation sponsored event, Christmas at the Orphanage.

Kid’s Sports Programs

Cary Mullen is not only a two-time Canadian Olympian and World Cup ski champion but also an avid supporter of sports. Mullen wanted the Vivo Foundation to help support local sports programs. The Foundation has since helped to buy team jerseys and donate 200 soccer balls to local Puerto Escondido schools.

The Foundation also organized the “donate-a-day” program. Through the program, Condo owners can donate the money from 1-day of condo rental towards the Foundation, and the money raised will be used to help fund the not-for-profit organization’s initiatives like kid’s sports, the orphanage, and the turtle sanctuary.

Baby Sea Turtle Rescue & Release

The Vivo Foundation has developed a number of initiatives to help support the environment including the Palmarito Sea Turtle Camp. Vivo is the biggest supporter of Puerto Escondido’s turtle sanctuary. To date, the Foundation has helped to rescue, protect, and release over 300,000 baby sea turtles.

Vivo also provides opportunities for Vivo owners and guests to take part in the sea turtle rescue and release program. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Voluntourism Activities

Helping more people to live healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives is one of the mandates of this not-for-profit organization. “Voluntourism” is a guest favorite.

Through voluntourism, the Vivo Foundation creates opportunities for Vivo owners and guests to volunteer and participate in a number of local ecological and environmental initiatives. Participants can be involved in the orphanage and various youth programs or take part in local agricultural improvements and construction projects.

Vivo even offers complimentary Spanish speaking lessons that integrates education and emersion into the Mexican culture and lifestyle.

Emergency Assistance

The Vivo Foundation also makes a difference in the community by lending a helping hand when it is needed most. Following Hurricane Carlotta in 2012 the Foundation provided hurricane assistance in nearby Chila, donating enough plastic laminate to fix the roofs of 100 local homeowners.

About Visita Puerto

Visita Puerto hails itself as being the definitive visitor’s guide to Puerto Escondido Oaxaca. Along with informative articles they provide additional information about the area and the community including events, attractions, and activities.

You can read Susan Lundy’s entire Visita Puerto article in the PDF file entitled, Vivo Foundation Aids Orphanage, Turtles and More.

About Vivo Resorts

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to be a respected and contributing neighbour to the people of Puerto Escondido. The Vivo Foundation at Vivo Resorts was created to make a difference and provide opportunities for Vivo owners, Vivo guests, and to the local Mexican people.

Cary Mullen and his staff at Vivo Resorts Oaxacan Beachfront Living believe that by contributing time and resources towards helping others and the environment, the Vivo Foundation can help build a stronger community.

If you are interested in vacationing in Puerto Escondido, you can book a vacation at Vivo Resorts through the Vivo Resorts website.

For more information about the Vivo Foundation or about Vivo Resorts in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, please call Vivo Resorts at 1-888-236-2876 (toll-free from Canada and the USA) or contact Vivo by email.


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