Tips for Travelling to Vivo Resorts in 2020


Resort Specialist, Rob McQuaid, recently made the trip from Canada to Vivo Resorts to join two couples on their Real Estate Discovery Tours. Rob remarked how it was certainly a different travel experience but he was quite impressed with the precautions in place on every step of the journey. Upon returning home, Rob asked the two couples what they thought of the whole experience and if they had any tips to share with others considering travel to Vivo Resorts in the near future. 

Rob: What compelled you to start looking for a second home in the middle of the pandemic: 

  • Joan & Terrance: At the beginning of the pandemic, as everything closed down and we were encouraged to stay home, as a way to entertain ourselves, my husband and I began sharing dreams and planning for the future followed by online searches.  We came across VIVO and compared its offerings to the list we created of what we wanted and they matched!  We had a lot of time to research due to the pandemic and nothing looked as good as VIVO.

Rob: How did you get over the mental hurdles of travelling during the pandemic

  • Anne Marie & Rick:  We believe that we are not in the demographic that has been most affected. We don’t live our life in fear!
  • Joan & Terrance: We connected with you (Rob) and shared concerns.  You reassured us of VIVO’s procedures and safety protocols. More research assured us Mexico was probably safer than the US at the time.

Rob: Any tips for someone considering travelling to Vivo Resorts in the near future?

  • Joan & Terrance: Just Do It!  It will not disappoint.  One of the best things that happened to us during this pandemic was VIVO.
  • Anne Marie & Rick: Mexican airports are taking travel seriously to ensure no one is at an unnecessary risk. Temperature taken, loads of hand sanitizer placed on hands at every step, antiseptic shoe baths, questionnaires, enforced social distancing. At Vivo, it’s like having the resort and beach to yourself! Social distancing is easy to do while there!

Rob: What stood out to you about Puerto Escondido when you were in town?

  • Anne Marie & Rick: It’s quaint, real Mexico. Certainly not commercialized like any of the other Mexican tourist locations. There are many hidden treasures in town just waiting for you to discover!
  • Joan and Terrance: The people, the beauty, the vibe.

Rob: How would you describe the weather while you were visiting Vivo Resorts (in August)?

  • Joan & Terrance: Nice, although we were there in the ‘rainy season’ , it didn’t put a damper 🙂 on our visit.  Although it did rain a bit, it stayed warm, and rain was mainly later in the evening.  It was warm but very comfortable.  I brought one hoodie and never needed it.
  • Anne Marie & Rick: Consistently pleasant

Rob: Ultimately, you decided to purchase at Vivo Resorts – what were a few of the top motivating factors for you?

  • Anne Marie & Rick: The fact that Vivo was started by a Canadian based developer and it basically hit all of our retirement requirements ie. sense of community, activities, volunteer opportunities (provides a purpose which is needed when you retire) & great weather.
  • Joan & Terrance: Ability to live a healthy and happy life: great fresh food, strong community, beach to run/walk/meditate, yoga, pool, pickleball, volleyball.
    • Location / Beachfront/ Weather
    • Resort and plans for the future
    • Opportunity to help community
    • People especially Mike and Rob- they made us feel welcome and comfortable


Anne Marie, Rick, Joan and Terrance chose to join the Vivo Resorts community and we are grateful to them for sharing their perspectives. Ultimately, they were fueled by a desire to pursue their dreams of a beachfront lifestyle and they demonstrated that it can be done despite these uncertain times.

To learn more about exploring Vivo Resorts real estate opportunities on a Discovery Tour please email us at or call 1-844-777-VIVO (8486)



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