Stable year round climate patterns, optimal ocean temperatures, low hurricane risk, safety and security, plus abundant natural beauty and the potential for rising property values are all essential factors.

Our search began in Maui and moved through 30 possible countries before a drive of nearly the entire coastline of Mexico led to a little known surfing destination on the Emerald Coast.

This emerging part of Mexico has remained almost untouched by large scale development, and there are no blockbuster all-inclusive resorts and associated tourist culture. It remains a laid back beach town with soul.

Even though you can build a functional, quality resort almost anywhere, the most important features affecting a location’s lifestyle and future value are not manmade but natural. Puerto Escondido has the best of these features in spades.

• Pristine beaches that stretch for miles
• Mexico’s most desirable climate
• Ultra low risk of hurricanes
• Wide array of outdoor activities, tours and ecoadventures
• Authentic Mexico culture and cuisine
• Safe and friendly communities unspoiled by tourism, large scale development or social issues


Truly great, year-round weather is actually hard to find. There are destinations that may have post card flashes of greatness at the right time during the year, but they may also host large temperature swings, rainy seasons, strong winds, low air quality and even hurricane risks. Even within Mexico, the weather varies greatly by location.

We chose Puerto Escondido because it offers the best year-round weather in an ultra-low risk hurricane zone that is also within 4-6 hours flying time of most major airports in North America. Those were our parameters, and Palmarito Beach covers all of them.

Nice Weather Year Round

Our passion goes well beyond weather that is just good enough to ‘escape winter’. We set out to find the most extraordinary, year-round weather possible.

For us, this means:
• T-shirt days & no sweater nights year round
• Dry winters with extremely low amounts of rain when you most want to get away
• Comfortable humidity Levels
• Ocean temperatures that are warm at first touch, and are often warmer than the Caribbean or Hawaii

Hurricane Risk

Hurricane risk needs to be a top consideration for a potential retirement, vacation or investment property because it can not only cause huge amounts of damage to your residence, but it can reset an area’s infrastructure back a decade or more.

Insurance can tell a large part of the story, because actuaries pour over vast amounts of climate data. Your residence at Vivo is easily and affordably insured against hurricanes because there have only been 3 in the past 160 years — and they have all been mild.

More than 164 years of data indicate the coastal region around Puerto Escondido is the lowest risk area in all of Mexico.


Boasting not only an ultra warm part of the Pacific Ocean, but also the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains, and multiple rivers and fresh water lakes. Each visit offers new possibilities so no two need ever be the same. Options include:

• Swimming Beaches
• Surfing
• Sport Fishing
• Scuba diving & snorkelling
• Horseback riding
• Hikes to waterfalls & hotsprings
• Mountain biking
• Ecological tours
• SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard)

How to Get Here

Flight Access to Puerto Escondido

There are two convenient airports to choose from:

Huatulco International Airport (HUX) – located 60 miles from Puerto Escondido
Puerto Escondido Airport (PXM) – just 9 miles from Vivo Resorts

Flying Direct to Huatulco From Canada:

• Air Canada
• WestJet
• Air Transat
• Sunwing Airlines

From the U.S.

• United Airlines
• Sun Country Airlines

Many Vivo residents opt to fly direct to Mexico City & connect to Puerto Escondido.

Multiple daily flights from Mexico City to both Puerto Escondido and Huatulco airports are provided by: