7 Steps to an Unforgettable Discovery Tour


Here are 7 tips for utilizing the extra time you have this holiday season so you get the absolute most out of your future visit to Vivo Resorts.

#1 – Brush up on your Spanish

By no means do you have to become fluent to enjoy your time around Puerto Escondido but adding a few of the basic phrases to your vocabulary is a fantastic way to connect with the locals. Duolingo, Babbel and Memrise are just three examples of language learning apps that can get you on your way.

#2 – Learn to appreciate the nuances of mezcal

bottle of Mezcal from Oaxaca

Learn to appreciate the nuances of mezcal. This lesser known cousin of tequila has a long history in Oaxaca and will most certainly be available to sample upon your travels in Puerto Escondido. Here are a couple interesting articles to get you started.  

  1. Mezcal in Oaxaca
  2. Mezcal Traditions

#3 – Support Oaxacan coffee growers

coffee in Puerto Escondido

Depending on how much mezcal you sample, you may find the locally grown coffee to be an essential component of your daily routine. Nestled within the nearby Sierra Madre Mountains are sustainably grown coffee plantations. The natural canopy of the lush vegetation is ideal for organically grown coffee. You can support the farmers in these regions by looking for Oaxacan grown coffee that is shipped to your area.  

#4 – Get your beach body in shape

pickleball at Vivo Resorts

We’re not suggesting you need to be ready to crush limes with your biceps, but there is no better way to prepare for some, or all, of the many outdoor activities Puerto Escondido has to offer. Swimming, tennis, pickleball, biking, walking, beach volleyball, surfing, and paddle boarding are just some of the opportunities you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy.

#5 – Make a difference in the community

Vivo Foundation supporting Kids 1st center for learning English

Spend a little less during boxing week and make a donation to the Vivo Foundation to help locals in need. The Vivo Foundation provides financial aid and donates countless hours of volunteer time in the neighboring communities. This year has been particularly tough on everyone and every dollar donated makes a difference. Here are a couple articles with more info on some of the initiatives spearheaded by the Vivo Foundation.

  1. Vivo Foundation aids Orphanage
  2. Giving Back

#6 – Take an online photography class

photographic landscapes around Puerto Escondido

YouTube features an endless supply of free tutorials for beginners through experts or pay for an online masterclass. Having the basics mastered and knowing the ins and outs of your camera ahead of time will pay dividends when you arrive. Oaxaca’s diverse ecosystem of ocean, lakes and mountains are home to a vast array of picture worthy vegetation and native species. Oaxaca’s rich culture is always on display offering you a kaleidoscope of color, art and people to bring your photos to life.

#7 – Debunk the myths of property ownership in Mexico

Purchasing a beachfront home in Mexico is different than purchasing in Canada or the US. Working with a Resort Specialist from Vivo Resorts ahead of time will allow you to explore your options in earnest when you take your discovery tour. Having these conversations early will keep your mind at ease while you follow your heart.


To learn more about exploring Vivo Resorts real estate opportunities on a Discovery Tour email us at info@vivoresorts.com or call 1-844-777-VIVO (8486). To book a vacation visit www.vivoresorts.com

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