Oaxaca Puerto Escondido Highway to be Completed by 2022


Mexico’s president López Obrador recently announced that the new Oaxaca Puerto Escondido Highway will open and be ready for traffic by 2022.

“This is such an important highway, because it goes to the coast, to Puerto Escondido,” said Obrador, adding, “We’re making a formal commitment to the people of Oaxaca that this highway will be finished by 2022.”

Construction is currently past the halfway mark at more than 52% complete. Some remaining sections of the new 8.3 billion pesos (US $431 million) highway will be built by local residents from the communities the highway passes through. This will not only bring much needed jobs but also help to improve the local economy and standard of living.

The current drive along the winding rural roads from Oaxaca (the capital) to Puerto Escondido takes nearly 7 hours.

Once completed, the scenic drive along the officially named Barranca Larga-Ventanilla Highway will include 64 underpasses, 10 bridges, a viaduct, and 9 separate junctions. The entire trip will only take about 2.5 hours.

About Huatulco

The state of Oaxaca remains one of the safest, most underdeveloped regions in all of Mexico. This new Oaxaca Puerto Escondido Highway is a major step in connecting the resort coastal towns of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido to the state capital.

In recent years, Huatulco (officially Bahias de Huatulco), has become one of Mexico’s hottest and most promising up-and-coming tourist destinations.

Huatulco is now easily accessible thanks to its 2015 Huatulco International Airport (HUX) expansion project, allowing the airport to accept direct international flights. The area also boasts 9 bay areas and over 3 dozen pristine beaches.

About Puerto Escondido

Both Huatulco and Puerto Escondido are located on the Emerald Coast in an “Ecological Zone” that is protected by law from over-development. At present, over 80% of the tourism industry here on the Emerald Coast is still domestic. This is where Mexicans come to vacation!

Puerto Escondido, on Bahia Bay, is about an hour’s drive from Huatulco. It has long been a surfer’s paradise; a best kept secret of avid surfers from around the globe since the early 1960s. This area boasts some of the world’s best surfs and enjoys 330 sunny days annually.

On January 18, 2020, Mexico News Daily announced a US $17.5 million-dollar Puerto Escondido Airport Upgrade (PMX), which is also scheduled for completion in 2022. The PMX airport upgrade will include a 7,700 square-meter “World Class” airport terminal.

The new Oaxaca Puerto Escondido Highway and the planned airport upgrade, “Will attract greater investment and more tourists to Puerto Escondido” noted Oaxaca Governor, Alejandro Murat Hinojosa.

Currently, Puerto Escondido has a population of about 45,000 but this expected to grow by up to 50% over the next decade thanks to these initiatives and the booming tourist industry.

Vivo Resorts in Puerto Escondido MX

Vivo Resorts Oaxacan Beachfront Living is one of the first major condo developments in Puerto Escondido.

Vivo Resorts was conceived and developed by Canadian Cary Mullen, an ex-Olympian turned developer. Mullen wanted to offer world-class services and accommodations in Puerto Escondido.

Condo Ownership – With the infrastructure upgrades in place, this is the ideal time to buy a condo in Puerto Escondido, Mexico – before the development boom, before the population growth, and when the costs per square foot are the lowest they will ever be.

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Located on Palmarito Beach just 15 minutes from Puerto Escondido, Vivo Resorts boasts luxurious ocean-view condos that include free wi-fi, satellite TV, air conditioning, and full laundry and kitchen facilities.

This is authentic Mexico! The area’s unspoiled beauty and the new Oaxaca Puerto Escondido Highway will bring tourism, development, and prosperity to Puerto Escondido. Come discover the Emerald Coast for yourself!

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