The Secret Is Out – Puerto Escondido MX Is An Unhidden Gem


In an online article by Montecristo magazine, Puerto Escondido Mexico was called an “unhidden gem” by writer Alison Sinkewicz, quoting one local as saying, “We want to keep this place a secret.”

The local even advised Alison not to tell people she was a writer on assignment in Puerto Escondido, which is located on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca in the southwest of Mexico.

Cat is Out of the Bag

Puerto Escondido has long been considered a “hidden gem” that has been on the “must visit” travel lists of backpackers and surfing aficionados since way back in the 1960s.

However, as Sinkewicz noted, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. Many world travellers now make Puerto Escondido their second home, so today, it is not unlikely to hear French, Italian, and of course North American accents here.

According to Sinkewicz’s article in Montecristo magazine, Puerto Escondido is different than any other tourist destination in Mexico.”

Real estate prices are still very reasonable in Puerto Escondido. The weather is outstanding all year round. As well, the Pacific Ocean and the nearby Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range provide unmatched natural beauty and a very diverse range of land and water activities. Add authentic Mexican cuisine to the mix and it literally is paradise. One that so far has been missed by major developers.

Even though this “paradise has been slowly rising in prominence,” with many Canadians and Americans investing in real estate here, Sinkewicz notes that Puerto Escondido is “still far from hitting its peak.”

Vivo Resorts Oaxacan Beachfront Living

While on assignment in Puerto Escondido, Sinkewicz stayed at Vivo Resorts Oaxacan Beachfront Living. Vivo Resorts is a private gated luxury condo complex on the outskirts of Puerto Escondido. On either side, there’s nothing but beach for as far as the eye can see. Vivo offers luxury condos for purchase or for rent. It’s a win-win scenario.

  • Vivo provides its owners with a unique and very well-managed condo rental program, which means their condo units can also have earning potential while the owners are not there.
  • Vacationers can book available luxury condo units through Vivo Vacations.

Vivo Resorts is the premier luxury oceanfront condo and hotel complex in Puerto Escondido and very popular with retirees as well as young couples and families. Most condo units have either ocean or mountain views and come complete with full kitchen (with craftsman cabinetry) plus contemporary bathrooms and full laundry facilities.

Founded by ex-Canadian Olympian turned developer Cary Mullen, the Vivo complex now has a newly completed Vivo Clubhouse (opened in Dec 2018). The Clubhouse has numerous amenities for Vivo condo owners and guests. In it you’ll find a world class spa, restaurant, lounge, store, children’s club, fitness centre, events center, business center, and much, much more!

About Montecristo Magazine

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Montecristo magazine publishes eclectic editorials on culture, food, travel, books, fashion, etc. In 2017, Montecristo magazine was nominated for Best Print Photography for “Time Management” from their Winter 2017 issue.

You can read Alison Sinkewicz’s entire Montecristo magazine Puerto Escondido article in the PDF file entitled, “Puerto Escondido, Mexico – Uncovered Gem.”

Contact Vivo Resorts

To learn more about buying a luxury condo at Vivo Resorts in Puerto Escondido Mexico, please call Vivo toll-free from the USA or Canada at 1-888-236-2876 or contact Vivo by email.


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