Why you should visit Puerto Escondido, Mexico in the summer

Couple boating on Laguna in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido – A Summer Destination

Mexico’s popularity with international visitors is undoubtedly fueled by a desire to escape to a warmer climate in the depths of winter. However,  if you are interested in purchasing a home in Mexico it is well advised to do your homework and discover what the area is like during different seasons – including the summer. 

How hot does it get?

Is there a rainy season? How much does it rain and when?

Are hurricanes a threat?

What activities and special events are unique to the summer?


You may find some of your preconceptions are in fact misconceptions and you will most definitely discover regions of Mexico that are better suited for year-round travel.

To help with your research, we’ve compiled this list of reasons to experience Puerto Escondido in the summer.

Consistent temperatures

Puerto Escondido experiences vary little fluctuation in daytime temperatures no matter the time of year. Even in the summer, temperatures average between 32 – 34 degrees Celsius (90 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Ideal conditions that provide just enough warmth without stifling the activities you enjoy.

Rainfall patterns show increases throughout the summer months but quite often the rain will fall in late afternoon or early evening and cool things down. Vivo Resorts is a great place to pull up a chair on your oceanfront patio in the evening and be entertained by the lightning shows across the horizon.

There is a very low chance of a hurricane in Puerto Escondido at any time, with only three mild hurricanes recorded in the last 160 years. In other areas of Mexico the hurricane season can stretch from early June to late October.

Warm ocean

Similar to the ambient air, ocean temperatures near Puerto Escondido are relatively consistent throughout the year but it’s warmest in August. The surf is highest at this time of year (see Surfing options below) so you may have to be selective about where you go but the coast is painted with miles of pristine beaches to choose from.


Puerto Escondido in the summer is home to some of the best surfing in the world. Wave sizes and difficulty vary depending the beach but even if you are not enticed to try it yourself, there is great entertainment as a spectator.  Puerto Escondido frequently hosts world class surfing competitions throughout the summer.

Eco tours 

Experience the beauty of Oaxaca’s vast array of plant species as the landscape is painted with blossoming flowers. 

Laguna Manialtepec, neighbouring Vivo Resorts, is a pristine natural setting to take a boat tour and in the summer the sand bar separating it from the ocean breaks free and is a natural phenomenon that only happens at this time of year.

Nesting Turtles

Olive Ridley turtles return to the beach they were born to complete the circle of life and lay their eggs along the beaches around Puerto Escondido. Conservation groups in the area work hard to make sure humans and potential predators don’t disturb nature at work. These groups also realize it is an excellent teaching opportunity and may let you observe from a safe distance. Here are a few tips from, “Visit Puerto Escondido” for observing the turtles.


Puerto Escondido is a magical destination with a long list of summer activities to enjoy but don’t just take our word for it, Brittany Anas included Puerto Escondido as one of the, “Underrated Summer Vacation Spots to Travel to Now” in her July 2018 article for Far & Wide Magazine.


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