New York Post on Vivo Resorts – Living la Vivo loca!


Vivo Resorts was featured in the New York Post in their December 19, 2017 travel article written by Chris Bunting entitled “Living la Vivo loca.”

Highlighting Cary Mullen

In the New York Post article, Chris Bunting offers a brief bio of Vivo Resorts’ Calgary-born developer, Cary Mullen. Before Mullen retired from competing in 1997, this two-time Canadian Olympian and World Cup downhill ski champion set the world downhill speed record of 97 mph, a record that would not be broken until 2013!

Mullen is also an in-demand motivational speaker and author of the self-help book “How to Win.” Bunting states that Mullen’s “Entire life philosophy is based on a single letter…the five Fs: family, food, faith, fun and fiesta.”  With this philosophy, Mullen conceived and developed Vivo Resorts, a 76-acre “gated community-hotel hybrid” that is Canadian owned and controlled.

About Vivo Resorts

Vivo Resorts is located just north of Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca Mexico. This authentic Mexican fishing town of under 50,000 is also renowned for Zicatela Beach, one of the top-20 surf spots in the world,” according to Mullen.

As of this writing, Vivo Resorts boasts 112 condominiums (in 7 towers), 10 private homes (villas), and a 53,000 sq. foot Clubhouse. This Mexico beachfront property is only 25% complete and once finished, will include as many as 400 condo units, 114 private villas, the Clubhouse, and the community’s own self-contained multi-retail shopping esplanade. View Vivo’s “Master Plan” for the property development here.

Approximately 3% of Vivo condo owners choose to live at Vivo Resorts year-round. About 75% of Vivo owners choose to take advantage of Vivo Resorts’ property management services. This allows condo owners to earn an income through Vivo’s vacation rental program. For more details about the vacation rental program, please contact Vivo Resorts’ property management services.

According to Bunting, it’s not surprising that Flight volume to Puerto’s airport has risen by 300 percent over the last five years.”

Find Out More

To request an Information Kit about Vivo Resorts in Puerto Escondido, please call Toll Free from Canada or the United States at 1-844-777-VIVO (8486) or send Vivo an email.

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