Boost Your Health and Escape Winter in Puerto Escondido MX


Let us show you how you can escape winter in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle when winter brings shorter days, colder temperatures and gloomy skies.

This is why you have less energy and drive in the middle of January compared to the middle of July. However, it’s possible to have that “middle of July” feeling all year round. Come escape winter in Puerto Escondido, which is located on the Emerald coast in Oaxaca Mexico.

Puerto Escondido Winter Temperatures

Take a look at the chart below to see weather data from Puerto Escondido compared to cities across North America. The graph illustrates what oceanfront condo owners at Vivo Resorts already know from experience; Puerto Escondido Mexico is the smart choice for escaping winter and living an active, positive, and healthy life.

Consistently warm weather in Puerto Escondido makes for ideal conditions to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. Swimming, tennis, pickleball, yoga, and beach walks start within steps of your suite. Additional warm weather activities in the surrounding area include snorkeling, surfing, beach horseback riding, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, and more.

Compare the average daily high temperatures from cities such as Chicago IL and Vancouver BC (collected from and it’s easy to see how spending extended time at Vivo Resorts can help transform your lifestyle.

Chart comparing Puerto Escondido temperatures with North American cities


Seek Sunshine to Feel Your Best

It is well founded and well researched (including this report from Psychology Today) that reduced exposure to sunlight over time can lead to lower levels of Vitamin D and mood fluctuations.

With clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy skies occuring an average 75% of the time in February, Puerto Escondido is an ideal place for a “blue sky” and “bright sunshine” treatment.

The following chart below compares average yearly sunshine amounts for Puerto Escondido to to a few of the cities our current owners choose to escape during winter.  There are large differences!

chart with % of sunshine comparison to Puerto Escondido


Fresh, Locally Sourced Cuisine

Escape winter in Puerto Escondido and peanuts, wheat, beans, sesame seeds, and corn are some of the more common crops you’ll enjoy in the state of Oaxaca. In fact, at Ernestos Restaurant at the Vivo Clubhouse you’ll enjoy farm-to-table produce and fresh abundant seafood for an internationally recognized cuisine that is both flavourful and healthy.

The markets in Puerto Escondido are stocked with a healthy variety of locally sourced foods, as are the wide array of local restaurants. With fully equipped kitchens in every oceanfront condo suite at Vivo Resorts, you may have a difficult time deciding to eat in or out. Either way, you will be able to keep your body fueled with freshly prepared meals throughout winter.

Winter is Optional

If you want to escape winter in Puerto Escondido you can book oceanfront condos at Vivo Resorts through Vivo Vacations.

Winter is optional, and you can choose to have far less of it in your life – likely sooner than you thought… 

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