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Gather an Appreciation for Oaxaca Coffee

Visit Oaxaca on the Pacific Coast of southern Mexico and to get to know the farmers that dedicate their lives to nurturing Oaxaca coffee, Mexico’s black gold and some of the world’s finest tasting coffee. What better way to gain a new appreciation for your familiar cup of coffee than to travel to the source?

Vivo Resorts Oaxacan Beachfront Living, just outside of Puerto Escondido MX is an ideal “home base” for exploring an area rich with history and culture, yet still largely undisturbed by crowds of tourists. The character of Oaxaca lives in the diverse indigenous groups who continue to pass traditions along from generation to generation. You can catch a glimpse of their way of life by taking a tour to the Oaxaca mountain coffee plantations to see the importance of coffee to their livelihoods.  

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill Bryson

Growing Coffee in Oaxaca MX

Oaxaca coffee is often referred to as “Altura” coffee, which translates to “high grown” coffee. The Sierra Madre mountains offer a unique opportunity to see how some of the world’s most sought after organic coffee beans are cultivated.

Higher elevations, cooler temperatures, and natural canopies of the local vegetation are ideal for “shade grown” coffee beans.

Referred to as the cloud mountains, a cool mist often weaves through the foliage, transforming the landscape and providing much needed moisture for the growth of the coffee plants.

Natural shade protects the coffee plants from too much sun and rain, promotes healthy soil, and is less favorable to pests.

Certified Organic Coffee

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation has performed numerous studies illustrating the benefits of sustainably grown coffee.

As a result, much of the coffee produced in Oaxaca is certified organic and is becoming increasingly popular with international consumers demanding naturally grown products.

Coffee Tours and Trips

Puerto Escondido Coffee Cafe


For a quick introduction to the local Oaxaca coffee culture, hop into town and visit Bi Nisa Cafe. Here you can get a warm cup of freshly roasted black gold with a guided tour of the family run coffee roasting facility. Learn how the roasting process can be customized to bring your preferred tastes to the surface.





Approximately 1.5 hours from Vivo Resorts lies Finca Las Nieves (Single Estate Organic Coffee). Day trips leave from Puerto Escondido at 9:00am and return at 6:00pm, or you can extend your stay and rent a room in their farm house.

For a truly unique experience, give Glamping a try by renting a furnished tent and waking up to freshly brewed Oaxaca coffee from producers Finca Margaritas, located just outside Pluma Hidalgo. North of Huatulco and approximately 3 hours drive from Puerto Escondido, Pluma Hidalgo is a small town in the hills with coffee producing roots tracing back to 1871. Meet the local Oaxaca coffee growers and see how they make their living cultivating the mountainous terrain.

When you return to the comforts of home base at Vivo you will almost certainly have a renewed appreciation for your daily cup of coffee and a thirst for your next adventure.

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Vivo Resorts Oaxacan Beachfront Living is a private, gated, beachfront community in southern Mexico on the Pacific Coast. To learn more about Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, or about Vivo Resorts, please call us at 1-888-236-2876 (toll-free from the USA or Canada). 

You can also book a vacation through the Vivo Resorts website or contact Vivo by email.

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