Like many Canadians, I had a dream of owning a beachfront vacation home.

Like many Canadians & Americans, I had a dream of owning a beachfront vacation home.
Unlike most Canadians & Americans, I spent an enormous amount of time and money to find the best beach community to make our home away from home. I wanted to find the best place for investment timing and the best place for lifestyle timing. To accomplish this, I actually flew to over a dozen different countries and met with realtors scouting properties with a list I compiled of the “44 Factors” to consider when buying beachfront real estate.
I started my search in Maui and Oahu looking at prices and lifestyle. I felt that we were too late as prices were already so high, and the lifestyle in the area was already becoming over ‘busy’ & westernized. I flew to Turks & Caicos but found island pricing on properties and the cost of living to be high, and it was a bit small for us which lacked variety. Then I flew to check out the Bahamas and Puerto Rico and numerous other countries.
In my pursuit, I also made numerous scouting trips throughout most of the coastlines of Mexico in search of the best spot for lifestyle and investment. Cabo was convenient, but expensive real estate, busy traffic jams, and actually colder than ideal winter temperatures. Cancun had tons of flights but like Cabo, they’re both in high-risk hurricane zones. In my travels, I studied stats instead of headlines, and unveiled numerous misconceptions of my own and also from others with well intended but uniformed opinions. 
We finally found a spot that we fell in love with and that checked out boxes. My wife and I, along with our 3 children, now live on the ocean in a safe, ideal weather spot, in a little known but burgeoning southern part of Mexico. We’re there during the winters and we spend the summers back in Canada. I’m not sure if you’ve found this too, but for me I’ve found that the best moments in life depend on “Where you are”, “What you’re doing”, and “Who you’re with”. I call these the “Where, What, Who” of peak experiences.
With our paradise spot we found the “Where”, but we wanted to have the “What” of the best activities and also amenities to live your best life. To do that we envisioned and built a resort community with the optimal lifestyle amenities we could imagine, and we set out to attract “Who” – being positive, friendly, energetic people that we knew or that we didn’t yet know. We’ve had my parents, cousins, Uncle’s and Aunts and friends attracted that now own in our resort community. What has also been really exciting is that most of the folks that have invested here, are brand new friends that found out about our paradise thru the internet.
To help you in your own quest to find your dream property, I’d like to give you this special report as a gift, to provide you with extra knowledge that has cost me years of research, countless interviews and $100,000 (and counting) in legal advice from the experts. The knowledge that you gain from this report is yours to keep. Regardless of whether you’re interested in seeing our paradise and becoming our neighbor or not, with the information from this report you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on where you want to buy your slice of paradise. I’d like to share upfront that we’re NOT for Negative Nelly’s, Downer Donnie’s, or Angry Adam. We’re a place for happy, friendly, positive people that want to truly enjoy their life to the fullest!
I wish you success, and congratulations for taking the first step by researching and educating yourself about “The 7 Mistakes Canadians and Americans make when buying Beachfront Property”.

In Canada we are blessed in many ways. We sometimes tend to take things for granted. One thing that rarely affects us directly is hurricanes. We hear about them in the news and their devastating effects in far off lands. If you are looking to buy Mexico real estate or beachfront real estate anywhere in the world you need to know the risks. There are partial hits and direct hits, there are also differing severity and strength classifications for hurricanes, class 1 (the weakest) up to class 5. You don’t want to have your investment, and hard-earned money blown away by Mother Nature. When I toured the coasts of Mexico, I saw regions like Progresso in the Yucatan where 8 out of 9 houses were still in ruins from a hurricane that passed through 13 years earlier. It was then I realized that my biggest risk to an investment in oceanfront real estate was hurricanes. It is your biggest risk as well.


#1 Mistake Canadians & Americans make when buying Mexico Real Estate:

They buy in a medium or high-risk hurricane zone


Recommendation: For the safety of your investment, and the safety of your family, buy your Mexico Real estate in a low-risk hurricane zone. Research and identify the high risk, medium risk and low risk hurricane areas for Mexico real estate.

*Direct Hits from Class 1-5 Hurricanes 1851 – 2010
Hurricane Data obtained from
NOAA Coastal Services Center

Direct Hit Statistics for Hurricane Areas identified on map:

1. Baja North & North Sonora: 3 hurricanes
2. Baja South: 31 hurricanes
3. South Sonora to Mazatlán: 14 hurricanes
4. Mazatlán to Manzanillo: 11 hurricanes
5. Manzanillo to Acapulco: 13 hurricanes
6. Acapulco to Huatulco (includes Puerto Escondido): 3 hurricanes
7. Huatulco to Guatemala border: 3 hurricanes
8. Quintana Roo: 46 hurricanes
9. Yucatan: 18 hurricanes
10. Campeche: 9 hurricanes
11. Villahermosa – Veracruz: 6 hurricanes
12. Veracruz – Tampico: 18 hurricanes
13. Tampico – Matamoros: 20 hurricanes


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