Puerto Escondido Oaxaca – Hidden Port

The charm of Mexico’s Puerto Escondido, which translated means “Hidden Port,” lies in its authentic fishing village roots.

And, as Brian K. Smith wrote in his February 2017 North Shore News article entitled Oaxaca’s Puerto Escondido Retains Its Traditional Charms, “Vivo Resort beautifully fits in to the local warm coloured scenery” with “uninterrupted (beach) access for many kilometers in each direction.”

Situated on pristine Pamarito beach, Vivo Resorts and Oceanfront Properties is a very active part of the Puerto Escondido society. In his article, Brian K Smith acknowledged that, One of the things that attracted me to the resort is their foundation work in the local community.”

Vivo Resorts created the Vivo Foundation in order to contribute to the local community, including involvement in the Palmarito Turtle Camp, an organization dedicated to protecting the turtle nesting beaches and releasing baby sea turtles back into the Pacific Ocean.

In total, over 300,000 turtles have been released back into the sea. “It was amazing to see day-old baby turtles getting their orientation on the beach and then disappearing into the surf,” says Brian.

The Vivo Foundation also participates in many community projects including a local orphanage as well as sports teams. Read the full PDF version of the North Shore News article here.

Cary Mullen, a past Canadian Olympian and visionary developer, created this amazing luxury resort on the shores of the Emerald Coast to offer luxury beachfront condos and private homes (villa ownership) as well as rentals. Vivo also offers a rental program and property management to select condo owners. For more details email Vivo Resorts.

Mullen believes in community involvement, even for guests, who are invited to participate in a turtle release program event at the camp, one of which occurred on Brian’s last day at the resort.

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the foothills of the Sierra del Sur mountain range, Puerto Escondido offers Vivo Resort beachfront condo owners and guests many other leisurely activities including nearby botanical gardens, deep sea fishing, beach horseback riding, and of course, surfing.

If you have been dreaming of owning a beachfront condo (or private villa) in Mexico, then Vivo Resorts may have what you are looking for. In Puerto Escondido, you will find a genuine Mexican experience that rivals any other location in Mexico.

Brian K. Smith said it best in his North Shore News article, stating, On the South Pacific coast of Mexico there is a little gem that has resisted the trend to give way to large mega-hotel/resort destinations that are so common to Mexico’s tropical paradises.”

Situated in an area that boasts wonderful year round warm temperatures of 25C to 30C” and has the “lowest risk of hurricanes in all of Mexico,” Vivo Resorts, which is just a few minutes North of Puerto Escondido, can easily be accessed by direct flight to Puerto Escondido airport via Mexico City, or from Huatulco airport, which is only an hour away by car on a newly opened highway.

For more information on owning or renting a beachfront condo in Mexico at Vivo Resorts, please call Toll Free from Canada or the United States at 1-844-777-VIVO (8486) or you can contact Vivo Resorts by email.

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