Vivo Resorts founder and president Cary Mullen originally envisioned a lifestyle community where three generations could stay and play together. That vision has been realized, as Vivo residences often become hubs for family, friends, associates and clients.

This is more than a real estate development with beachfront homes in Mexico; it is an environment and a resource to celebrate the most important moments of your life with the people you love.


Vivo Owners

Typical Vivo owners include people who are:

• Friendly and unpretentious
• Looking to escape the hectic life and/or winter
• Excited at the prospect of an unspoiled destination
• Ready to explore and embrace a different culture
• Attracted to the benefits of residency and friendship with neighbours and staff

The Vivo community is mostly Canadian & American, and includes many entrepreneurs, professionals, and small and large business owners.



Pacific Ocean Air – Science has begun to figure out what we have long known by instinct — the sea air, warm sunshine and rhythm of the ocean improve both body and mind.

Local Cuisine – Organic, fresh, and local are three words that define local cuisine. In North America we pay more for food described this way, but in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, local is the norm (and typically the less expensive option).

Health Care – You will have many choices for all levels of health care, including western medical practitioners and Oaxacan natural healing remedies. The regional hospital is new, completed in 2010, and English speaking Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists are readily available in town.